On this page you can find a selection of comments people have made about their medicine experiences with us. We know that it is important for many participants to have confirmation that the team they choose to work with have their best interests at heart and the capability to aid in healing and transformation. We hope that these testimonials will help with this!

It’s hard to put into words the experience with Magnetic Movement. It’s so much more than a story I can tell because what I’ve taken away from my time with Caroline and Rachael is a feeling, it’s happiness, pure joy. These two ladies are so good! They really know how to set a space where you can come together with complete strangers and by the end of the week you leave feeling like a family, laughing, dancing and singing the days away. I’ll always hold a special place in my heart for the people I’ve met on my journey with Magnetic Movement.
— Shawn, USA
It has taken me a week or so since this retreat finished to process all the benefits that I have taken from the experience. But WOW! I feel totally revitalised and re-energised, ready to implement the changes the ceremonies and integration sessions taught me. My life is once again full of love and inspiration and on top of that, I have a new found family in the form of Caroline, Rachael and all the other beautiful humans that I shared this space with. This retreat gave me so much more than I had expected and a week later, is still giving as I flick through the catalogue of memories I now have on file. Thank you so much for this beautiful experience and I will be recommending it to everyone I can. I can’t wait to see you all again.
— Luke, UK
There are no words to describe the profound experience I had with Magnetic Movement! It has shifted my life and I will be forever grateful. Caroline and Rachael are absolutely wonderful. Their singing is out of this world and it adds a grace and transcendence that is unparalleled. Every activity and ceremony was done with such intention, integrity, and beauty. The variety of activities (dance, yoga, meditation, cacao, Pusanga, ceremonies, etc.) truly put me in a safe heart opening space to get the most out of my time and to gain skills to go home with. I can’t thank you enough and I will definitely be recommending Magnetic Movement to everyone I know.
— Codi, USA
WOW - What a fantastically beautiful and profoundly loving retreat. What kind and beautiful souls Caroline and Rachael are! So much thought went into every aspect of the experience.
Cant wait to go again!
— Craig, Newcastle
I’ve had the most amazing weekend at the community with my spiritual family. It was a time of self growth, self awareness, learning invaluable lessons that I will carry with me for life. I thank each one of you for everything. It was hard work with the medicines but worth every step. Now I can see the light, now I know and I’m grateful for it. Miss you all my dears bother and sisters… MY TRIBE. This weekend has changed me in ways that words cannot describe. I will never see life the world and living beings in the same way, we are all magnificent , we are so powerful... it was an honor to have lived this life changing experience with this magnificent TRIBE!
— Sandra, Portugal
Well no matter how much I try I don’t think I am going to be able to express what a journey I had in 4 days on this retreat and my tribe and do it justice. It was life changing; I have now evolved... I am now a different person. It has to be experienced to be believed. I think a retreat like this is essential if you want to fast track the experiences of higher levels of consciousness and spiritual growth in this life time. Thank you everyone who went on this journey with me - in the beautiful environment and with beautiful people I felt safe and loved. Once you have been shown the truth and seen the light - you can never unknow it! My dreams are already starting to take shape at incredible speed and I have made lifetime friends. I will be returning as soon as possible to take part in my next journey
One tribe!!!
— Patrick, Bolton
If you’re looking for a life changing experience in life changing surroundings while being looked after and cared for by the best people well this plant medicine retreat is the one! Opens your eyes to the possibilities of the universe.
— Kev, Liverpool
After this weekend life itself became pretty much clearer and everything makes sense now, how I should follow and trust my heart and my path and deal with my ego head! Mama Ayahuasca & Uncle Huachuma have shown me how it is possible to heal ourselves. Plants, they have all the medicine you need and it starts in our daily lives - in our foods! Now I know that I’m here to shine like we all should. Last weekend has been a miraculous healing weekend, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically! I met wonderful souls and gained a new tribe of brothers and sisters! I will be eternally grateful... I wish you all could feel the peace and love that I feel, this connection that we all can have! I never felt so light and good in my life! I gained the joy that one has when we are little kids, the enthusiasm is here again, I can do whatever I want and the world is my playground. Cause I believe everything is possible. After this weekend I reject the law made by humans and embrace Mother Nature’s law. I trust life and finally I know where I stand and what to do. I feel fulfilled and that I don’t have to become anything - which I already am! We all are! So wake up! Finally I have arrived... Peace and Love!
— Tiago, Switzerland
Going on this journey of self has changed my world. I’ve learnt so much from this weekend, more than I could have ever expected. The people, the place, the way of living, the plants, the connection, the mountains, the music, the dancing, the cold water experience, the healing, the crying and the laughter... how is it possible to experience so many amazing enlightening experiences in just 4 days? It’s opened my eyes up to so many possibilities, it’s shown me what life should be and how we should feel. Thank you so much to the tribe that came together on this special retreat. The plants were our ultimate teachers and are what bonded us together. Our shaman guided our ceremonies with the intention of love and direction so that we would get the best from the plants. Our host looked after us in a nurturing and caring manner, her singing and guidance were like an angel that had been sent to earth. Being a part of this retreat made me feel like the luckiest person on earth, I felt special that I had been guided to this point. The beauty that came through of trust, harmony and love were like nothing I had ever experienced but everything that I had longed for, for as long as I can remember. It’s opened up my heart to life again and for that I will be forever grateful. Namaste.
— Estella, Milton Keynes
After what feels like 10 years of therapy overnight its difficult to put into words my experience with the plant medicines. Drinking them always brings the most profound experiences of my life. The retreat itself was beautiful and connecting. Set in the stunning eco community in Portugal you can’t really ask for more when you are on top of a mountain breathing fresh air and surrounded by beautiful nature and eating delicious, nutritious foods. In just a few days I shed some old ways of thinking and gained new insight about my purpose on the planet and clarity for my future. The hosts have a knack for making me feel welcomed, loved and part of their family and I’m sure other retreat guests would say the same. Going into an experience with the ayahuasca can be daunting, but embracing the journey with an open mind and an open heart, I was fully prepared for what mother aya had to show me. I felt safe in the knowledge that the hosts were on hand to help me should I have been struggling with the medicine at any point. Feeling comfortable and safe with your shaman and retreat host is always something that is top of my list when looking for plant medicine retreats. Overall the experience with ayahuasca was, as always, beautiful, educating, eye opening and far too profound to put into words. The huachuma ceremony was a perfect ending to the weekend. Having not experienced a ceremony with huachuma before I went into it as I did with ayahuasca - with an open mind and an open heart - and had one of the most intensely beautiful experiences with any plant medicine that I’ve had before. Being immersed in the huachuma experience created a place of serenity and peacefulness inside me that I haven’t experienced before. Alongside the serenity and peace I felt elated and overjoyed at the fact that I was alive. Huachuma truly made me realise that the world and life is divine. Having struggled for most of my life with anxiety and deep depression I can honestly say that there are no greater medicines and no better healing experiences for me personally than ceremonies with ayahuasca and huachuma plant medicines. Nature has certainly given us this gift for a reason and it has accelerated my healing journey faster than I ever thought possible. I have fallen in love with life again and have left with a new found enthusiasm for life and for my future.
—  Rachael, West Kirby
It was a pleasure, I feel like I’ve grown so thank you both! I am sure our paths will cross again accompanied by the plants! What you’re doing is special, I certainly recommend you guys!
— Anthony, Manchester
I feel a little sad that its all over, but so grateful it happened! Such a great bunch of people! Couldn’t have picked a better tribe we certainly put on a good fight and came out triumphant! I cant quite believe how much your life can change in just a short space of time. I definitely feel transformed! And I could also see transformation in each and every one of us, that was so beautiful to see. Once you see it, you can never unsee it. I love you all!
— Toni, Manchester
Words cannot describe or do justice to the profound experience of drinking Ayahuasca, it has changed my life, my thoughts, my DNA and my future. Like all first timers I was nervous, but reassurance was given that the intelligence of mother aya would know how much I could handle and true to their word I was gently eased in, with beautiful visions, a guiding voice and simple but heart opening realisations about myself and my past. I felt alive and in love and safe to be myself, to laugh and to cry or ask for help when I needed. Our hosts were superb in their timing and responses both with singing, music, silence, support and encouragement. There was something so calm and reassuring about them, you got a real sense of professionalism blended with a realness of a true friend. The second night drinking aya was a much deeper involved experience, I felt true oneness, saw the souls of my friends, reached into a realm of true peace in the new paradigm, I purged so much old hurts and feelings, I felt connected and ‘worked on’ both physically and mentally to start a fresh with my health and mental focus. Each person will have different visions and realisations so I can’t describe all of mine here, let’s just say It was life changing, I was safe and content throughout and even when it did get difficult the hosts were always there to attend to my needs, give me a hug or just a gentle chat. The third day was all about huachuma, a heart opening loving, peaceful and connective plant medicine, we laughed, danced, talked, cried, celebrated, hugged and expressed our feelings all day long, what a ride, felt true oneness each day both with and without the medicines. I’ll never forget our tight group at this retreat. Thank you all.
— Gav, York
I cannot recommend this retreat enough! It was a complete eye opener and life changing experience! I have learnt a lot, and got so connected to the group of people who I have known only for a few days. Before the retreat, I felt lost and confused what I should do with my life. I was lacking motivation, energy to do anything and felt very unfocused. After Ayahuasca and San Pedro experience, I have noticed that my limiting beliefs about my life has shifted in a big ways. I have experienced pure joy and aliveness of my being. The fear has gone, and I felt more confident in my own skin, and finally I can say that I started to love myself, which before it looked like an impossible task. As well as, I have let go of lots of heartache, and tension in my body. When I returned home, I have experienced a knowing what do with my life and a clear direction of the next steps I have to take. Currently I am feeling so excited what is ahead of me. I am full of energy and have a clear mind. I keep noticing the changes in me, the way I approach my work, the way I communicate with friends and people around me. I am discovering more and more about myself each day. The facilitators have been amazing and so supporting during and after retreat. Everything went as planned and I felt always looked after. I am so grateful to experience this retreat with them and that they exist at all. Truly wonderful people! I know this is a start of something big for them. It is a great gift to be in a presence of such inspiring souls. P.S The food was so delicious and full of goodness!
— R, London
What an experience. I’m so glad I did not trek to the depths of the jungle to do this and chose this retreat instead. The team create such a warm and welcoming environment. A truly life changing, spiritual journey that will live with me forever. Thank you for the healing and thank you to my Tribe - those I met on the retreat and now call true friends.
— Brian, Liverpool
I can not thank you both enough, I have just rang my mum and burst out crying because I feel so happy. I feel as though I have just given birth to one of my children happy! So excited for the future, I feel as light as a feather, Rachael literally pulled the this sorrow from the pits of my soul and released it into the universe. I haven’t felt this good for a very very long time - years!!!! And what an amazing group of people, I couldn’t have asked for anything more from the weekend! You planned it down to a tee.... perfect! I haven’t danced and laughed so much in years. Thank you and I can’t wait to see u all again. Thank you Caroline and Rachael for organising it all so well and I accepted all of your healing with love.
— Stephanie, UK
Oh my, what a magical incredible voyage. It brought me to the core of my being, I remember ME. The words to describe this experience don’t exist. I thank you Caroline from the core of my heart.
— Hege, Norway
A hearbreakingly wonderful experience that was both possible and impossible at the same time, mind-openingly beautiful to distances that realisation had not previously travelled, uncovering dreamy unfoldings of waking states that proliferate in endless galaxies and reveal themselves boldly; all through the warm maternal guidance of two sweet demonic angels with the wisdom to show ourselves to be the only true guides, and under the safe sheltering wings of a close loving family that we all really made for ourselves. I was formerly a marmalade-on-toast bank manager with a semi-detached Volvo in Surbiton, now I’m a spectral fluorescent acrylic artist working on album cover commissions for Jimi Hendrix and his contemporaries. You have shown me the eternal way and for this I am eternally thankful!
— Robert, Bristol
No words can describe this experience. It gave me so many answers. I am so grateful. You are amazing. Thank you Rachael and Caroline.
— Unni, Norway
My Magnetic Movement/Wider Reality retreat has been one of my most profound experiences. I have been to four ayahuasca retreats run by other groups before. While they were profound, Caroline and Rachael have managed something different. Theirs is like taking my self-awareness to another level where I can clearly see my thinking patterns and limitations. If you sign up you will be in really good (trusting) hands... They do this through a well-thought out program and their sincerity. Never once did they seemed feigned. And they never seemed withdrawn from us, though I know it was an exhausting few days for them.

The problem with plant medicine retreats these days is that some have become commercially motivated and it can be hard to tell the good ones from bad... but Caroline and Rachael are authentic and their good intentions are brought completely into what they do. I’m really grateful for coming across their little group. It’s amazing what plant medicines can help you realize in the right hands.

Thank you again Rachael and Caroline. You made a very technical person like me make sense of your world while finding more meaning in mine.
— Kevin, Canada
First of all, let me just say thank you for a wonderful retreat. I really enjoyed these few days with you guys. Thank you for taking care of me and the rest of the group, and for making us feel safe. And thank you for the gifts also, I’ve already been using it and I think it has helped me with my well being a lot. Thanks for being so helpful in these few days. You guys are awesome, so please keep up the good work. Hope I’ll get to meet you later at some point.
— Håvard, Norway