Tarot & Divination

The Tarot

The power of tarot is quite something. Although it can take some time to learn about the meanings of each card (it took me around a year to read confidently), intuition plays a large part in reading. There are many different decks; the one pictured above is the Gilded Tarot, a beautiful set that I learned to read with. I spent several years working as a tarot reader, using this set. 

A tarot session at a previous retreat

A tarot session at a previous retreat

There are also sets like Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot and Osho's Zen Tarot which are incredibly useful tools in navigating the dilemmas life can bring.

Tarot has helped me to make many major decisions in life and is uncannily accurate. When working with any divination tools, your energy pulls the right cards to you for the most accurate possible reading. Your conscious mind may feel that it is selecting the cards at random, but there are no accidents. 

It is harder to read for yourself than for another, unless you're capable of being very self-honest. Because the cards can have more than one meaning, it is easier to interpret them in the most comfortable way, so it can sometimes be easier to have another read for you. 

When we use the tarot on retreat, it is an opportunity for participants to have a play around with the cards, practicing reading them intuitively and then checking their feelings against the general meanings in the tarot guide. At the energy workshops I use various types of cards, from those with only imagery, to oracle cards, vibrational healing cards (with sacred geometry patterns to focus on), and the Gilded or Thoth tarot. 

People are often surprised at their ability to intuit what is going on for another person even just by examining the pictures. I hope that these sessions give people an insight into their own latent abilities and inspire them to develop the skills required to navigate their lives using intuition over logic, which is often flawed because it is based on conditioning and learned experience. 

The Pendulum 

The pendulum is another great divination tool, although it is something that requires practice in order that we can rely on its readings. The pendulum is usually a crystal (shaped like an inverted triangle) attached to a chain that you can hold between your fingers. You should sit upright in a chair with both feet firmly on the ground and rest your elbow on a table. Hold your arm as still as possible and wait for your energy field to move the pendulum. 

Not all pendulums are made of crystals

Not all pendulums are made of crystals

The idea is that you ask for protection and diving guidance from your higher self, guides, angels... whomever you identify the most with. Then you may ask the pendulum questions that require yes or no answers. It will swing clearly in one direction or another; so for example, yes might be back and forth, no might be side to side, and neither yes nor no might be swinging in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. The pattern varies for each person, so you'll need to practice with your own pendulum in order to establish which patterns are unique to you. 

You can also make a chart with the potential answers or possibilities you seek, listed in a kind of pie-chart format; you then hold the pendulum over the centre of it and ask the question. It will clearly swing over the correct answer. It is also necessary to double check answers or ask further questions to clarify. For instance, you might ask "should we go on the camping trip this weekend" and get a no. But it could be that the question should have been "should I go alone on the camping trip this weekend" and you would get a yes. 

With the pendulum it is necessary to be highly specific and formulate the questions carefully. It should also be noted that when in an emotional state your readings may be a little confused. Your energy field can influence the direction the pendulum swings in, so if you're desperate for a yes, you might get one even if it would be better as a no. The way I get around this is to ask the question over and over on repeat in my mind, so as not to allow my mind to wander toward the possibility of the outcome. Backing up pendulum readings with tarot is a great idea, to mitigate the likelihood of bias. 

When you finish a reading, it is wise to ground yourself, thank your guides for their assistance, and keep your crystal somewhere where it will not be contaminated with other energies; on your altar if you have one, in among other crystals or in the direct sunlight. You can also draw out negative energies from items by placing them in salt, which is thought to absorb them. Also bear in mind that electronic frequencies can interfere with pendulum readings, so do it away from your laptop, phone and wifi hub etc. This is a great guide to using the pendulum effectively.

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