Shamanic Energy Healing


We live in a world where healing work involving energy is often seen as some kind of strange witchcraft or just a load of nonsense. Reiki healing is much more common these days, but still not widely embraced; it's often seen as some kind of 'hippie' activity. The truth is that all human beings have the capacity to heal others. It is the use of genuine intention that facilitates the healing, so qualifications are just a formality that are required by those who aren't fully convinced of the latter fact.

Rachael performing a shamanic energy healing 

Rachael performing a shamanic energy healing 

We are powerful beings made of light, floating in the vast ocean of the universe. Anything that you can imagine, you can do. Energy flows where your intention and attention goes.

Once you remove the self doubt that stands in your way you can channel powerful healing energies directly from the source. This is something that many people were surprised to find they could do at my previous energy workshops in Brighton.

Likewise, we all have psychic abilities and can perceive so much more than we realise; as with all abilities, practice makes perfect and some will have strengths in one area, while not so much in others.

It's a little like how one person will have better hearing than eyesight, and the next, vice versa.

In Rachael's words: "The energy may be coming from source, but Shamanic energy healing is not the same as Reiki. Shamanic energy healing is a less rigid and more intuitive practice.

However, if you are attuned to Reiki already you will find that learning Shamanic energy healing may serve to enhance your power. 

The idea of energy healing is to get out of your own way and allow yourself to be a channel for the divine healing energy to flow through. It is a great practice in learning to surrender and to trust in your own power. 

Through the practice of energy healing we can remove energy blockages for ourselves and others, realign chakras, relieve or completely get rid of pain, heal emotional traumas still stored in the body, and bring about grounding and clarity.

It is not rare to experience colourful orbs, visions and interesting body sensations when giving and receiving a healing. Often the healer and client will both have very similar visions during a session.

The great thing about energy healing is that when you are practicing healing on another person you’re also receiving healing yourself, directly from the divine source."

At Magnetic Movement retreats, sessions and workshops, all of the team are qualified shamanic energy healers and Reiki healers. We will not only help you with any healing you need, but we'll help you to practice healing yourself and others using valuable techniques.

We will show you how to protect your own energy field, the art of smudging a space, how to feel and tune into your astral body, how to open and close a healing session, a healing routine from start to finish; we will also show you how to channel the energy, allow it to flow through you and bring about amazing and transformative healing.

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