Magnetic Movement Dance Sessions

The dance sessions are entirely their own thing, as one of the original ideas behind Magnetic Movement. They happen in the UK, and as part of the medicine retreats in Portugal and the dance & yoga retreats in Italy. If ever you have attended an ecstatic dance or 5 rhythms class, this is similar - somewhere in between, in fact. Check out the video above for an example of one of the sessions, in Portugal. 

Meditation has many forms. We use dance as a form of meditation to free energetic blockages and to allow ourselves to connect to and express our emotions, and as a way to become grounded in the present moment. You will be aware of your body throughout the experience and will use the dance to connect all parts of your being together. Dance throughout the ages has been a form of expression and release.  Nobody is judging anybody else, we are here to share an experience together; the music is so beautiful that it is very difficult not to be in the moment. 

·      I guide occasionally regarding movement and thought, but there is no obligation to follow it – be however you are comfortable.

·      We will explore movement mainly alone, but occasionally with a partner and as a group.

·      We don’t talk as this is a form of meditation, but eye contact is ok, as are full expressions of happiness! 

·      The idea is to keep the mind on the present moment and the music, allowing thoughts to drift away.

·      It is best to allow any emotions you have to come out; the key is to allow yourself to fully experience whatever comes up.

·      Leave your inhibitions at the door - be as wild and crazy, or as subtle and serene as you wish!

·      There are no rules as to how to dance, just follow the body’s intuition and try to feel free enough to try out new movements.

Please check out the dates for the medicine retreats in Portugal and the dance & yoga retreats in Italy, and also  the UK and global sessions.