Medicinal Mushrooms


A mushroom experience can take a while longer to integrate a than any other psychoactive plant experience, but mushrooms are teachers nonetheless, and some lessons are immediately apparent. Mushrooms facilitate a 'hyper connected brain', allowing us access to older structures of the brain.  They create new neural pathways and parts of the brain are connected that don’t normally communicate with one another. This can result in bringing up old memories and dreams etc. They can help with the processing of negative emotions; psilocybin helps to balance the amygdala, thus weakening the processing of negative stimuli. An unbalanced amygdala is linked to depression and anxiety.

In a ceremony, you might experience a strange body feeling as the effects start to come on. At first his can feel like slight anxiety and restlessness, but is just your body adjusting to the medicine; this happens with most plant medicines and the feeling won’t last. Nausea is common in waves throughout a mushroom journey.

Mushrooms can bring on giggling, yawning, watery eyes, runny nose, crying, shivering, and the need to dance or sing. This is all part of the ‘purge’ as they work to clear any blocked energies or negative things you are holding onto. Try to let go and trust that this is a part of the process. They can drop your body temperature, so it’s important to have warm clothes.

Plant teachers give you what you need over what you want 

It is always good to set an intention before your journey, but also to enter the journey without expectations. Make your intention and then let go of it. The mushrooms will always give you exactly what you need - but as with other plant teachers, not always what you want.

We advise trying to go deep with the mushrooms and deciphering the lessons that they are trying to teach you; they are as much a medicine as ayahuasca and huachuma (San Pedro), but they all work in different ways. Medicinal mushrooms are a great tool for healing, clearing blockages in your life and deep inner exploration. They may have profound and long lasting effects on treating or controlling a range of mental and emotional disorders; they have been shown to significantly help people with OCD, severe depression, PTSD and chronic anxiety.

It’s important to try not to get caught up in the awe of the visions for the whole journey. There is no harm in enjoying those, but the mushrooms will talk to you if you are open. During ceremony, we encourage you to feel free to express yourself and let go in the space.  Book a retreat with us here

Mushroom Facts

  • Mushrooms are a sacred medicine; they are teachers used by the Mazatec and Aztec cultures in Mexico for thousands of years.
  • There are more than 180 species that contain the psychoactive ingredient Psilocybin and Psilocin.
  • Like all plant medicines, they may amplify the things that are the most troubling in your life so that you can accept and deal with them.
  • They often bring about a feeling of oneness.  
  • Mushrooms can be playful and bring out your inner child (at the lower doses).
  • There is no such thing as a bad “trip” only a lesson.
  • Surrender is key in order to learn the lessons they bring.
  • Mushrooms are less harmful on the body than caffeine - they are not neurotoxic, nor are they addictive.

In ceremony, we most often use our native English mushrooms, Liberty Caps. Sometimes we may used other varieties like Golden Teachers, Mexicans, or B+ (Be Positive). 

Anyone interested in micro-dosing with mushrooms may find this guide beneficial. Micro-dosing has been shown to have profound benefits on mental health and is worth looking into as a reliable healing modality.