Welcome to Magnetic Movement 

Magnetic Movement is about conscious evolution. For a movement to be successful, it must draw people together in unity.

In order to change the world around us we must first change ourselves. We look outside and point to the world’s problems, while forgetting that our own fears and issues are creative. This movement aims to heal those who join it, so that they may carry forward the fruits, bringing forth a new, healthier paradigm.

Image by Raks Makwana of Makgrafix

Image by Raks Makwana of Makgrafix

We can do this through imagination, philosophy, knowledge, life experiences, nature, health, plant medicines, spiritual practices, exploring talents, therapy, sharing, breaking down inhibitions... the list goes on.

Magnetic Movement aims to bring as many of these modalities together as possible so that we can all heal and grow into the powerful, conscious people we are destined to be... together.

This site contains a lot of information. It has been designed to share knowledge, wisdom and experience. You can find health and wellness articles, recipes, great books, videos and inspirational quotes; there is also plenty of information on the work Magnetic Movement does, including our European plant medicine retreats, UK sessions and workshops. Please take a look around and subscribe below for regular updates! 

Upcoming Retreats 

Magnetic Movement run healing retreats in Spain, Italy and Portugal. Set in safe, remote and comfortable locations within wild nature, the settings facilitate deep personal exploration and sharing, expansion of consciousness, therapy and healing. Our last plant medicine retreat was absolutely phenomenal (check out the video below), and you can also scroll to the bottom of our retreat gallery for photos.

Our July retreat is fully booked, but we will be announcing the next dates for this year soon! Please sign up to our updates, or drop us a message and we'll personally contact you with the dates.  

We work with powerful plant medicines and other healing plants like mugwort, rapé, sananga and pusanga. We also include sessions and ceremonies as listed under the retreats menu above: cacao ceremonies, and dance meditation sessions, energy healing and journeying, yoga, arts and crafts, musical sessions, tarot and divination, water experiences and nature walks. We have sharing sessions and integrations after all ceremonies. All sessions are optional; you are not required to do anything you're uncomfortable with. Check out the details here  and sign up below to be kept updated. Please contact us with any questions you may have. 

Sessions & Workshops

Sessions are something we do in the UK (e.g. regular dance sessions, shamanic workshops, energy healing and more). Dance meditation sessions and tarot sessions will be coming up again shortly. Watch this space for the upcoming dates. 

Magnetic Movement Perspective

When you use a living medicine and get well, you feel that the world is alive and aware and wants to help you. People often talk about saving the Earth, but how many times have you experienced the Earth saving you?
— Stephen Buhner