Medicine Retreat Booking


Medicine Retreat Booking

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Magnetic Movement healing retreats in Europe combine sacred medicinal plants ayahuasca, huachuma (san Pedro) and medicinal mushrooms with other healing modalities. This movement is about collective evolution through plants, shamanic practices, dance, arts and more.

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Before booking: Please be advised that we accept (and prefer) bank transfers by way of booking, as there are no fees involved. If you have the option to deposit into to a UK bank, we appreciate this! Please contact us for details. We can also accept Paypal payments; again, please contact us for details. Many thanks! 

These five night healing retreats consist of many healing modalities, combined with work with plant medicines Ayahuasca, Huachuma (San Pedro) and Medicinal Mushrooms in a remote, natural setting; at all times you are guided and looked after by a team of experienced facilitators.

The retreats consist of:

1 x ayahuasca, 1 x magic mushroom and 1 x huachuma (San Pedro) medicine ceremonies
Introduction to rapé and sananga
Cacao ceremony
Yoga (optional, please bring a mat) 
Shamanic journeying
Shamanic healing
Tarot and intuition session
Nature walks
Pusanga (a plant medicine adminstered through baths/topical application)

The price is £595 and the deposit is £200.

The price includes everything except flights and transfers. Shared onward travel will be arranged and we provide full information upon booking . Please see our FAQs for more details.