Arts & Crafts 

Arts and crafts are an important part of our plant integration process. The act brings us into the present moment as well as allowing the creative juices to flow. Talent is totally unnecessary for this; it should simply be viewed as a fun exercise, but what comes out of us under these circumstances can be surprising. 

There is further purpose to this practice, though; the creations can be interpreted by the facilitators as part of the integration process, in a divinatory manner, much like card reading. You are likely to uncover things hidden within your psyche and get a greater insight into your being, which is all part of the healing process.  

We typically create art at the start of our huachuma journey. It can be an incredible experience to see the colours melding together and our works of art coming alive in ways we could never have imagined. 

We collect pieces of wood to paint on, or paper... whatever you we find that inspires us.