Medicine Retreats

At all of our medicine retreats, we go deep into personal exploration and sharing, experimentation and expansion through ayahuasca, mushroom and huachuma ceremonies, and other healing plants like mugwort, rapé, sananga, and pusanga (a plant potion you'll make on retreat). We always integrate medicine experiences, and there will be cacao ceremonies, dance sessions, shamanic healing and journeying, tarot, art & crafts, musical sessions (singing), and nature walks.

3 x plant medicine ceremonies: ayahuasca, medicinal mushrooms, huachuma (San Pedro)
Introduction to mugwort, rapé, and sananga
Cacao ceremony
Shamanic journeying
Shamanic energy healing
Art and crafts
A water experience (depending on which centre we are using)
Musical Sessions (below)
Integration (below)
Tarot and divination
Nature walks (below)
Pusanga (a plant medicine administered through baths/topical application)

We also spend a little time with psychological exploration and personality typing so that you can understand your own tendencies and motivations a little better, which makes plant medicine experience integrations easier. 

You will be offered an organic vegan diet rich with delicious superfoods so that you are being cleansed throughout the program. There is some general information on our retreats below, and many of the ceremonies and sessions are written about in detail on the above links. 

Feel free to contact us for more information or to reserve your place. Places will be limited to just 10 people. Book a retreat here

For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like complete destruction.
— Cynthia Occelli

Food & Drinks

You will of course be consuming plant medicines at the retreat, and to support the plant work we offer you the finest vegan food and superfoods like aloe vera and cacao.

We also offer you fruit, juices, seed and nut milks, and raw homemade chocolate (cacao). Your nutrition, energy and detox are optimised at all times.  

Sleeping & Relaxing

The accommodation is pristine and beautifully simple. The eco-community is set in wild nature in the mountains. 

There are two residential domes with comfortable single, twin and double beds, and a double decker bus converted into a fully functioning house. This is attached to a yoga deck overlooking the stunning valleys below. There are many places to lounge, meditate or relax.

Water Experience

On retreat, depending on the vibe of the group, we may drive down to a local lake and plunge ourselves into the freezing water to alkalize our bodies. It's hard to feel more alive than when you do this! 

There is also a swimming pool at the community for cooling down during rest periods. 

Musical Sessions

Music is a huge part of the retreats and the music that we play in ceremony and during sessons is carefully chosen to support the work we do. It is not uncommon for people to write to me asking for my entire music library after a retreat! 

I sing in ceremony with my retreat co-host Rachael, and we play instruments as well. During musical sessions, we encourage others to join us with familiar songs, new ones, and instruments. If they prefer to listen and relax, that's fine too. 


Integration & Sharing


Our integration sessions help to process what has been experienced with the plant ceremonies and the sessions. This integral part of the process requires openness and sharing; we often find people can identify greatly with others' issues and experiences, which is healing in itself. 

We also have sharing sessions that enable people to connect with each other and share whatever experiences and ideas they wish to. 


Nature Walks

Walking in nature is a very important part of the retreats - weather permitting! We go out and connect with nature when we drink huachuma, which is a blissful experience. We also go for a walk when we collect wild flowers and leaves to make pusanga. 

As much time as we can is spent outdoors on retreat, because in our urban lives we spend far too much time inside, disconnected from nature and under the constant assault of wifi, etc. 

Nature walks are a breath of fresh air, literally.